Front side

Front side buttoned

With asymmetrical, partite hemline and multifunctional neck, this cardigan will make you look thinner, taller and of course cool.

We start the front parts with 3 loops and every round we increase one loop. We continue to knit till we have the width we would like. Then, we increase on one side and cast off 1 loop on the other side. When we have the length we wish, we do just the opposite of this. Meaning, on both sides, we cast off 1 loop at each starting round. So, we get a rectangular on bias (diagonal) piece. (We knit both of front parts the same way.)

Back side

Back part; we start with double width of a front part. Just on the right and left of the middle 2 loops, at every 6 rounds we decrease 1. So, the hemline will get the shape of a triangle. We knit the arms regular reglan sleeve. We use double seed stitch technique while knitting.

We crochet a button loop on the left neck edge, and a small button on the right neck side. (So that we can close the front side of the cardigan when we want). And finally, we make two fringes for both sides.

Yarn used: 75 % Acrylic, 25 % Wool
Knitting Needls: Nr. 4

Close up