Emroidered Black Poncho

How I made it :

I started from collar. I knit 10 cm. rib stitch, from both sides of 6 stitches right in the middle I increased with eyelet stitch knitting. (I knit cable these 6 stitches. If you wish, you can make it wider and make something else then cable knitting) Every 12 rows I increased 1 from sides, 5 stitches from inner. When I made it this way, the poncho looked round. If you increase only from middle it becomes a sharp triangle. When I had the size I liked I knit 4 rows garter stitch and cast off.

I knit the other side just the same way and combined. I added fringes. Knitting chains with appropriate colors, I emroidered. First I hold with needles and design. I crochet the flowers and stitch.  I added small wooden beads to flowers. You can use your imagination on this part. You can decorate and embroider as you wish.