Embroidered Summer Blouse

I used 250 gr. satin yarn. I made emroideries with etamine yarn. How I did it is as follows….

1- I started with 94 loops.

2- I knit 1 row garter stitch.

3- I went on with plain knitting.

4- When I have 30 cm. of knitting I did decrease 1 stitch from both sides at every 2 rows.

5- After decreasing 14 cm. I did knit 1 row garter stitch and cast off.

6- I did knit both front and back side the same way.

7- For arm I started with 60 loops, and 1 row garter stitch.

8- I increased 1 stitch from both sides every 2 rows.

9- After increasing 6 cm. for 14 cm. long, I decreased 1 stitch every 2 rows.

10- After stitching the parts together, I crocheted the borders like lace.

11- At last came the most enjoyable part for me. I used my imagination and emroidered it with many beautiful colors.