This pattern has been crocheted often for the last 4-5 years. I think only a few of us do not know how to make it. What I really want to lay emphasis on is the shape of the shawl.

Vest and Shawl

Easy to multi-use

We can apply this shape to some other patterns. We are crocheting a normal triangle shawl. We make cords to the edges of the long side. We wear the shawl and tie the cords on our waistband.

Vest and shawl

With this wearing, it is a shawl

We can put it on our shoulders, if we wish we can put it on our chest. With only two cords you can combine with many different clothes.

Vest and Shawl 03

If you like, you can use different materials to make the cords. For example, you can use thin stylish chains, beads, leather etc. Besides, you can add fringes or pom-poms to the edges. You can add a motif of clover like I did.

To help understand better how to crochet this pattern you can watch the video below;